Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to wear?
Comfortable clothes that match the season, eg. A T-shirt, shorts and trainers are ideal for summer. Remember sun cream. For the Winter months,trousers, long sleeved top and a light jacket are recommended
What do I need to bring?
Bring a water bottle, we stop frequently to refill, your phone or camera.
In the summer season bring sun-cream and sunglasses.
Note: If it rains, we have disposable rain ponchos just incase.
What about my luggage?
If you’re carrying your luggage, or simply the stuff needed for the beach after the tour, no worries. You can safely leave your items in the shop during the tour, as the bike storage will be locked.
How fit do I have to be?
The Monaco bike tour lasts around 3.5 hours at a leisurely pace and covers around 10 km (6 miles). We spend about half the time of the tour actually cycling. We do use electric bikes as there are a lot of hills in Monaco. To use ebikes you do need a level of fitness because you must cycle to make the motor work.
Remember that Monaco can get quite hot in summer (up to 30°C/85°F). We believe anybody with an average level of fitness will have no trouble completing the Monaco tour, even if you have not been on a bicycle for a long time. As always, before undertaking physical exercise it is advisable to consult your doctor if in doubt.
What about children?
The tour takes place on ebikes. Some of the tour is on busy roads, therefore the minimum age for the tour is 13 years. The height of the child must be greater that 146cm or 4ft 9in.
What bikes do we use?

We use electric bikes (ebikes) on this tour as there are many hills in Monaco.
With ebikes, when you pedal you get an assistance from the motor, which allows us to travel more distance in a shorter time and makes cycling uphill almost as if we were pedalling on flat ground.
The minimum height for our bikes is 146cm or 4ft 9in.
The weight limit of the eBikes is 120kg / 265lbs.

What happens if it rains?
In Monaco we benefit from a micro-climate where we get 300 days of sunshine. In the unlikely event that it does rain, we will supply you with a rain poncho.
How long does the tour last?
The Best of Monaco ebike tour lasts around 3.5 hours at a leisurely pace and covers around 10 km (6 miles).
Are the roads dangerous around Monaco?
Like any big city, traffic can be heavy. We have designed the Best of Monaco ebike tour to keep busy roads to a minimum and take advantage of quieter streets. People need to have a level of confidence to cycle in traffic.
How hot does it get?
In the summer months, temperatures can often get up to 30°C/85°F in Monaco. This is why our tours start in the morning and late in the afternoon.